Friday, December 28, 2007

imelda marcos wannabes

I think if all the women could afford it, we would have become like the above-mentioned lady. And the shoe industry would boom even more than now. This season's shoes seem to fit the shape of my feet better. I seem to have a lot of luck this few days especially when shopping for shoes. I can finally fit into a pair of mondo shoes!! *bliss* I don't have to spend double or triple the price of mondo shoes on the more expensive brands liao!! You have to understand that my feet are not the slim and slender kind which can fit into charles and keith's slim cut designs or mondo's young and trendy designs. They are really broad at the front so I have to look for shoes which are well, broad at the front! Haha. Anyway, I'm really glad that I bought 2 shoes at a cost that is less than 1 pair of shoes in the past(say sole lover's or pazzion). So within the last few days, my cousin and I have contributed significantly to the already booming economy. 4 pairs of shoes in the span of 3 days between 2 people. Lol.

Choy is a very happy and contented girl ready to roll and rumble in the new year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

sibling blues

I seriously don't know how to talk/converse/deal with my bro sometimes. He might be thinking I'm the worst person in the whole wide world. He has a way of making me look like the villain most of the time, he also has a way of making me feel guilty of committing like the worst 'sin' when I speak to him in a tone which he doesn't like. URGH. Someone teach me how to be a better person please? I don't want him to shout at me when he doesn't agree with what I say. What am I doing wrong? I just wish someone could tell me so I could stop this misery for both of us. Has our relationship deteriorated to such a low that it could never be the same again?

So, my 6 month 'honeymoon' is over! Bah. I have work/duties coming to me in waves. *shudders* Looks like I have to brave myself for heavy showers coming my way in 2008. I guess you can look at this in another way such that I should be glad my peers/colleagues think that I am capable so they task me with duties. Oh well.... I'm feeling like crap now. I want a happy drink now!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

in a nutshell

Well, it's nearing the end of 2007 and I thought it'll be good to have a blog post to round up my year. I was going to put up a short post regarding Miss Clarity Cafe and the whole experience of eating at the branch in Katong which is just beside TKGS. As we parked the car, I noticed that this was the closest I have been to TKGS in 6 years I think. Looking into the school compound, it brought back many memories, mostly fond. Those 4 years, you could say were the most exciting and enjoyable of my formal education years. So yep. Anyway, in short, the food was excellent, family enjoyed the food and we are sure to come back for more! Love it!

So since I've started reminiscing about the good old days at TKGS, I'll just look back at this year in brief(hopefully). :P

I was just talking to a friend on MSN and we were talking about how this year was a year of many firsts for both of us. For me especially, think that this year I was in a lot of situations which required me to be out of my comfort zone and also trying out new things which I haven't done previously. My friend says it's because I've started working formally so it's a natural progression so to speak. However, I beg to differ lah. I think we as human beings, we make conscious decisions everyday which will determine the path that we take. I believe that life is seldom about coincidents and accidents; instead its about making choices for the life you wanna lead. Conscious decisions... And I truly believe that I have grown as a person this year. The experiences I've had this year, have really moulded me into the person I am now. My cousin and good friend, H, commented that I have mellowed down, and I agreed with her. Its all about making a conscious effort lah. (:

So looking ahead to next year, probably the focus for me will be a more balanced life in terms of work and leisure. Have to focus a lot more on my job I guess, cos moulding the young is a serious job. And of course, have a bit more time for myself to keep fit especially.

Sigh, I think working really makes a person "older" in a sense. Greater maturity, more thought in actions etc.

So yup, well, this is as succinct as I can get. Haha.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Heh I'm blogging via an internet cafe invietnam. cool right? anyways,i'm having a blast here with my colleagues. many thanks go to Marilyn for bringing us around on sunday. ate a variety of good food and went to many interesting places heh. last night we took a bus up to nha trang(where we are now) and visited the 4 islands surrounding it today. we had a crazy guide who can belly dance(literally) and also did many other fun stuff lah. basically i'm quite high from all the alcohol consumed today and i think i need to sleep soon. will updatewith photos once i get back to s'pore. hope everyone's good! :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

yucks, i just realised how the soot from the BBQ smoke(charcoal) can make your hair dirty and sticky. had to shampoo my hair thoroughly to get it out. eeks. but it was was great, and learnt how to make well-cooked chicken wings. heh. but i'm stuffed and tired....and theres regatta tmr as well...then i need to like come home to start packing!!! time! i need more time...!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

good service

actually, thinking back on the shops i patronised today, i must say that all the shops i went to provided good service. like reasonably good and there's nothing for me to pick bones with. first off, That CD shop at raffles city SC. the sales woman who attended to me was nice and patient, was so enthusiastic to let me take a listen to the CDs which I was considering to purchase. I mean how many shops actually do this? thumbs up to the lady who served me. :)

next was this shop at The Central called Euraugo. we were outside Gobi's waiting for my bro when my mum saw this shop selling dresses with the sign "50 % off", so we decided to take a look. saw a dress which i liked, salesgirl came over to ask if she could help. so she helped me decide that the dress was a good choice for a wedding dinner etc, helped me find the right size then i found out also that the dress was not on discount, but was still reasonably priced at 92 bucks. so i was quite satisfied and bought it. mum was happy too. service was excellent, attentive but not too "sticky' and very helpful and friendly. next up was gobi's which sells macaroons....ooh they were heavenly. sales woman was very helpful and nice too.

last but not least was waraku. great food, great company, good service. :)

what more can i say?

of giving and being a "responsible" citizen

if you have been reading the papers, you would have read about the recent spate of the busting of contraband cigarettes smuggling groups. well, even afthe recent newspaper article about the dealing of contraband cigarettes to underage girls in my area, it didn't stop! didn't deter them one bit... they have been at it all week in the mornings.... so i did the "right thing" this morning. They assured me they would have their colleagues look into it. my dad says he's skeptical about it....he doesn't think they'll do anything about it. anyway just doing my part lah. don't really care about the outcome...

anyways, it does feel good to give. i really should give more often than to receive.

so basically, it's bro's birthday today. he turns 17! heh. happy birthday bro! spent a lot of money today....i don't even wanna look at my atm receipts. scaryy.... yeah anyway, i'm one dress down, one more to look for. did i mention how difficult it is to find a nice simple dress that i like? i next have to find a nice simple WHITE dress for the daytime. or a nice WHITE top and a NICE skirt to match. SIGH.

am listening to westlife's latest cd's quite nice... bought dad his fav Eagles...they released a new CD recently too. and last but not least, andrea bocelli's compilation of his best songs. all for 50 bucks. hai...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


haha it rocks to be a civil servant....2 months bonus plus a special growth bonus?! wooohoo! bring it on....i can go to vietnam with a peace of mind now haha.